Sunday, March 20, 2011

Look what I can do ( with a little help from the man)

These chairs. Ohh how I love these chairs.  I can recall sitting in these chairs for many Thanksgivings and Christmas Eve's at my Great Aunt Sherry's house. Time outs, coloring , soo many memories.

One thing you need to know about my Great Aunt is that in my opinion she has great taste.Her house is filled with art and nick knacks all tastefully placed in their designated spots. Collections from her travels around the world and the US.

So when she bought a new dinning set and gave them to my Grandma who then  decided moved to Ohio and was looking to get rid of them,  I jumped at the chance to have these chairs for my own. At first I had all 4 of them proudly displayed in my dinning room. Now,  even though these chairs are probably older than me and managed to survive the last 3 or more decades , they however did not survive my children.. One by one the backs broke off and had to be taken into the garage until no more were left. And there they have been sitting sadly UNTIL... Well until I had a big Thanksgiving dinner at Mi Casa and needed more chairs, so I got the best of the best out and tried to fix them. I got 2 in working condition and once again fell in love and have had them at my table since.. But once again surviving my children has been difficult!

 Time for a new plan.. I took one of the chair backs apart and found  the crumbled remains of the wood backing that makes up the chair.

After talking it out with the "man" We decided I needed to add a piece of wood to reinforce the area that holds the chair backing to the chair.. Don't laugh at my nail job.. it worked!

And since I had to take things apart a new wardrobe was fitting ..

Here is the seat being recovered..

All Done!! I know I picked a fabric that is a little trendy, umm has a lot of pattern.. um kind of funky ( in the good way)  but with my new recovering experience if I really start to hate it I can just do it again I guess!

And Voila..

The only problem now is I really do not want my kids to even touch these chairs!!

I had once seen this dinning set at a antique store in Portland for $1500 smackers... Same chairs just a different table.. I do have the table but it is in really bad shape and cannot be restored because if the wood laminate they used back in the day..

They fit in so great. It took me all day to get the 2 good ones done, but I am thinking I might cover the other 2 in a different fabric?? But that will have to be a project for another weekend..  Guess I get to half check this one off the "To Do" list!!
~ Bianca

P.S. I have to add that the "man" as I call my hubby in this post is the ying to my yang. We both have completely opposite ways of thinking of things which sometimes can be hard and other times works out smashingly. This is one of the times when it worked out smashingly, thanks for your help Mike !!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March'in Portland Twenty Eleven

Went on a quickie road trip with my mom to Portland. Had a super fun time, and still longing to move there.. Here are some quick picks from my trip. Have I told you how much I love my Nikon and Photoshop CS5??

Little Sister

Sitting eating lunch and the sun was hidden behind this building.. Thought it made a good shot..

Brother thinking about sumtin..

another hidden sun picture

Parents and Sibs, minus one.. My Parents took their wedding photos here many moons ago..


What Does this say, I have studied this for minutes and cant figure it out...let me know if you get it!

that's all folks  :-)
~ Bianca