Friday, August 31, 2012

Eat Thrift Love

Modesto Area Friends!

Are you ready to get thrifty with it?



Saturday, September 22, 2012

8:30 am - 1:00 pm

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$5.00 per person gets you breakfast, swag and prizes along the way.

We have 5 stores on our list!

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Are you ready to EAT THRIFT LOVE?

xoxo Jules and Bianca

Monday, August 20, 2012

My $2 shirt re-do

I went to the Sacramento antique fair last weekend and scored this shirt for a whopping $2 bucks. I am normally not a digger, but I was feeling up to the challenge on this particular day. There are only certain things I am willing to dig for at an antique fair. Those piles of jewelry sitting out all tangled on a table... LOVE! I am always certain I am going to find a hidden treasure.  Piles and boxes of clothing not so much. But on this day I went for it. So I tried the shirt on over the one I had on and briefly looked in the mirror they had and decided that It was worth the $2 the lady was asking and if I got it home and didn't like it no big loss. I knew I was going to need to shorten it because maybe it was a dress to a shorter person??!! But not  a very flattering length sooo here I go, don't be scared it was only$2!

I the tools  for this endeavor out,
1. self healing cutting mat
2. Rotary cutters
3.Quilting ruler
I put the shirt on and measured where I thought it needed to be cut to and then added a inch or so for messing up and then placed a pin. If it were a different fabric I would have hemmed it, but this was a really light weight see through type of fabric and even with my amateurish skills I'm pretty sure there is no "nice" was to hem this fabric. I lined up the side hems so that I could get a nice straight cut...

I made my cut..

and this I what I got.. I thought lining up the side hems would insure a nice straight cut , but I got some sort of scallop in the front and back. So I just eyeballed it and cut the scallops to line up with the side hems.


Then I sewed up the side hems about 1/2 an inch to make the shirt a little less flowey is the term I'm gonna use.

and here ya go! I added a yellow belt that came with a dress I bought at target to brighten it up a bit. And I'm in love. Not bad for a $2 bucks  huh!

OK so now I need your help! I bought this other shirt against the wishes of one of my friends who I have known since the beginning of time! it may have just been spite, I like it but she hated it! So of course I bought it and I plan on wearing it the next time I see her for sure! 

My question to you is do I keep the ruffles or cut them off?!?! Here is what i thought in my head when I bought this shirt..

If you didn't know already I am a cardigan hoarder. this heat has been killing me, I cannot even think  about cardigan over my t-shirts without breaking into a sweat!! I hate it! So cute yes!?! do you agree?
 But in rummaging through my closet I found option #2 but it would require removal of the ruffles in the middle of the shirt ..take a look

Not a cardigan, but still very cute... So I'm putting it to a vote. Place your votes in the comments below and in 2 weeks from today I will tally and announce the winning look.. I am so excited for this, and hopefully in 2 weeks it will be cool enough to wear this outside! I know I'm a dreamer but one can hope!

Thanks for looking Remember to vote for which one looks better below!

~ Bianca

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I did this summer while I wasn't blogging..

Just a little photo history of what I did this summer. Sorry if you missed me. Believed me it weighed heavily on me that once again that I am a blogging slacker. But I did spend a lot of time away from home this summer. I promise I will try harder! ;-)

Camping trip #1 Pinecrest lake

I saw some dandelions ( very much like these) on my  walk to the restroom. Finally after the 100th trip to the restroom I remembered to take my camera with me and had a little 3yr old to accompany me. As we are walking out of the bathroom she says mommy look at these flowers and proceeds to pick my flowers I had been eyeballing for 2 days. Luckily  there wasn't a shortage of dandelions and  I found some new ones to use as my subject.

Wanted to try out the HDR on my camera for this one. I think it needs a little more contrast?!?

Camping Trip # 2 Lake Siskiyou fathers day weekend

These butterflies were just chillin on the beach. It was so fun watching them.

The Happy hubs

Nephew , brother in law and son

checking out Mt. Shasta

Swimming in the ice cold waters

Catching some fish

Building sandcastles

More butterflies

Camping trip # 3 lake Siskiyou again July and much warmer weather.

 My brother..That's the life a inter-tube and a refreshing beverage. 

Mom and Brother

Crying trees

Mount Shasta

Lily Getting ready to take a pic of me

Happy Lucy

Happy Hubs

Happy life

A rare shot of me, especially in a bathing suit! scandalous!


here fishy fishy

Tarzan and the captain

and mini captain

My tent glowing, I love this pic.

Some more favorite pics, campfire fun!

If you haven't tried this ( I'm not an expert!) but all I did was slow down the shutter speed on my camera. Most of these were shot with a 15sec speed. I think the last one was 30secs.

Backpacking Yosemite!! 5 Mighty hikers entered the woods!

Another rare appearance by me!

6.3 miles to 10 lakes....Wowzers

 View from the peak, only1 mile down..You think it sounds good but it was a ruff mile down!

Going up

I keep telling him we could do it!

I caught 4 of those babies!  All by myself!

Hanging out

And now summer is over school has stared and back to routines schedules and trying to get my to-do list crossed off! How was your summer, I would love to hear what you did!!

Thanks for looking~Bianca