Monday, October 3, 2011


Imagine seeing that after drinking down your nice cold beverage!

I saw this on Pinterest of course. LOVE me some Pinterest. I have to go out of my way to avoid it so that I can get my daily chores, Homework ( taking an online history class ) and other craftiness done!

Here is the link to the original. I was going to do it there way but I wanted to make this as a gift for my younger brother and wanted to make more than one. The original is a little bit ..ummm.. lets say cleaner than mine?! But I know the way I did it took way less time and turned out just as cute ( if not cuter!!)

Supplies needed to do it MY way..
1. Dremmel.. I used an etching tool that came it the kit of accessories my hubbie bought me. It was metal and had a large ball at the end of it. They had a smaller version but the larger one seemed to work better.
2. Glasses, I got these at TJMAXX. They were $7.99 for the set and I picked ones that had a pretty large bottom for etching on.

3.Safety goggles

4. Sharpie

5. rubbing alcohol for cleaning off the glass

Next I wrote out what I wanted to etch..Note to readers you will have to do this backwards!!

Then get to etching, this is kind of scary at first but it gets to be fun once you get into it!

That's it, all she wrote, soo simple. Just clean off the glass with your alcohol and your done!

Took me maybe...45 minutes to do all these

Here are some other etching projects Ive done. These go back a couple of months, just never got around to telling ya about them! Sorry!

Tea light holders from Ikea, gotta love. So user friendly.  I got this idea form this book , it was on my list of Craft-o-lution projects, which I am soo behind on!! Of course!!

Here is one in the works too, maybe I will get it done soon so I show it off!

Its the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by the Beatles  " when I'm 64"  I'm about half way done. I think i have a fear of growing old so this song really hits home! LOL

Until next time.. Signing off and welcoming the cooler weather!!

~ Bianca