Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trunk Space

I Bought this at my favorite pickin hole for $30 smackers.

 I have been sworn to secrecy by the person who introduced me to this fabulous place, not to tell anyone where it is! We don't want anyone buying up all the goods.

I have been looking for some kind of new coffee table. Right now I just have an old ottoman that I pretty much have to recover every year because I have three kids ( and you know the rest of the story!)

So I had my trusty assistant add these

and I did this

I also glued some of the chipping paint on the top , because I knew little fingers were gonna pick at it.

Then I sprayed the whole thing with a glossy clear coat.

and I got this

a place for my magazines to rest

a place to leave the remote so others can find it!

and a place to kick up your feet after a hard day and not worry about scratching a new coffee table I was thinking about getting..

Oh MY!  I totally forgot about the other trunk I bought! It was a few months back, but equally cute enough to be included! 

This one I got a Goodwill for again $30  must be my lucky number

I didn't do much to this one except clean it out with a nice all purpose cleaner, and spray it with a ton a febreze,  it smelled really musty! Gotta love Febreze  got it smelling all nice and I move it to its new home

My side of the bed of course!

my dressing corner, I love that stool. It was given to me by a neighbor who moved. She knew I love it only cause I threatened to steal it every time I came over.

I needed a bigger place to put all my necessities..

Hope your having a nice weekend.. More to come I promise!

~ Bianca