Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fly away with Lucy

My baby girl just turned 3. I find the younger parties to be  wwwaaayyy more fun.Those years when your kids don't really have "friends" yet so I invite all my friends to act as their friends and have a kid/adult party. Then they start school and want to invite their own friends and boot your friends out! What is up with that!??

This year I went with a vintagy hot air ballon-ish theme. I found inspiration on pinterest of course! How can you not find inspirations and  then feelings of guilt for not having enough time to do everything you pin on pinterest!??!! OK back to inspirations...

Here is where I started. found here ( gotta give credit to those who inspire you!)

Antique 3D Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile

And this too. Love the pastel.. ( find the blog here, great put together parties!)

This was my favorite! I wish I had the dollars and the time to put somthing like this together!

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Pinwheels have been making an appearance at many a party I have been putting together lately!
DIY instructions here.

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I adore this wedding invitation! I would so get married again just so I could send these out ( oh and wear a wedding dress again, and get fancied up again, and get lots a presents again, and have a day dedicated to me ( and the hubs) again !


okay I totally did these at the above mentioned party for said 3yr old...NO one used them, I guess they either didn't get it or were afraid to break them! luckily Iam a big canner so now I have extra jars. Note to self.... Blog for info found here

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OK this cake..UMMMM yea right! In my dreams I could make this cake. But what a fun idea! More info Found here

hot air balloon cake - Sooo sweet!

So are you ready for my version of all of my inspirations??!! OK here ya go..

Here is the invites. Hand painted by yours truly on Saturday night when I had nothing better to do. I used the Bi-fold format like the wedding invite above.

Here is the inside of the invite. I always like to include a current picture because I send these out to family that I know probably cant make it so they can have a updated picture.

My Hot Air Balloons, Carefully crafted by me and a lovely friend that offered her day to help me make them.

Accompanied by clouds and more balloons. Of course I neglected to take pictures of my front entrance that was wonderfully decorated and the back yard that I worked on all week to look presentable! I was kind of in a haze I admit.

Here is my cake.In case you were wondering i am not a cake decorator, but I am a person who thinks I can do everything. Then when things don't turn out quite as I want I realize Sometimes you have to just go with it. it is what it is, as they say. But I think the flag garland really helped make this cake cute and not look lop sided and crazy..

Here again is another example of me thinking I can do everything myself! If you have ever seen cookies like these online ( etsy etc.) they are like $3 a pop. So I of course say to myself " self,  i can do that"  but the question is did it  cost me less money and how much time did it take. It was in no way easier for me to make these myself. And even with cheating and buying pre made frosting and a package of sugar cookie mix and a mom helper who rolled, cut and baked them for me It was a messy and stressy ordeal to make those cookies. But they were very popular with the party guests and went quickly. So I will not cross them off the party to do list yet, just make sure I or you if you are thinking about it have PLENTY of time to spare to make them.

Oh yea had to get creative with the cookie cutters, no hot air balloons. So I took one that looked like a balloon and a square cutter and pinched them together.


Here is the happy birthday girl checking out her cake.

She loved all the attention!

But what girl doesn't love having all eyes on her!?!

And once this day was done I think to myself..Self , next time we are going to start early, plan ahead and not get stressed out! I will let you know how that works out!

Thanks for Looking ~ Bianca


  1. Great job!! Party was lots of fun. I know Lucy enjoyed all of the fun, I know I sure did. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!!!!

  2. Beeeutiful! So creative & inspiring!

  3. Beeeutiful! So creative & inspiring!

  4. I think the cake turned out great and the invitations are so adorable! Good job mommy!