Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kids, Park and Photoshop

Sooo,  I have been taking this Photography class at the JC and I have to tell you how much I love it! My theory on Photography has always been that if I can get a great photo then why do I need photoshop? I have a pretty good camera too ( Nikon D70S with a 18-200mm lens) so getting good shots has not been to hard. But I thought by taking this class I could strengthen my photo taking skills , not knowing that photoshop would be a key part to this class. Luckily I signed up for this class now because the newest version  of Photoshop[ CS5 ] just came out a few months ago.

 My teacher studied under Ansel Adams so he was taught the "old school" way of doing things , and to my surprise is soo into digital and photoshop. [ I kinda thought he would be the kind to want to preserve the original way of doing things ...Guess not!]  The book the teacher has us using is The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby  [ here is the link in case your interested..] There are some fantabulous fast and easy tricks for editing your pics.

Ok, here is where I am going with this. My Brother-in-law, Nephew, and Mother-in-Law came to visit and all I could think of was to get the kids to the park and take some pictures. Of course the kids were up for it , not knowing my hidden agenda! We have been having some awesome weather and I couldn't have asked for a better blue sky day to take picture. Here is what I got. I will show you the before and after editing.. Its just amazing.... to me..I think... In my opinion..!

My Beautiful Lily with static cling hair.. Before and after. I am soooo Not claiming to be any kind of professional at this. I am just sooo excited about having this program and what it can to!

Here is Chaser before and after [please do no mention the hair doo, we are working on it!]

Again, lily she is so easy to take pictures of! Here I added a little more exposure which blew out the background so I went in my by brush tool and lowered the exposure for the background. Sounds technical, but it is so not!

 My little oocy I Love her Little face!

 Eating a Cheetos

I adore this shot of my Nephew. This was the best shot of the day!

So here is another hobby I have found to spend time on. You should Never eva , eva, eva ,eva , eva hear me say I have nothing to do or that I am bored!

~ Bianca

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