Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas People

 OK Etsy has a cool blog that I love ! Its called Get the Look Decor ( here is the one from this week) , its one of those things like going on a home tour at Christmas only  it is year round. I don't know how these people are picked to be featured , but basically they take pictures of the nifty things and decor around their home and post on etsy. Isnt it  so fun to look in other peoples houses...A peep in the window as you walk by, a glance in the living room while standing at the front door. I even go as far as placing my own furniture in my mind imagining if I lived there! Come know you do it.!

Anyway one of said blogs had a picture of some dolls ( i think thats what you might call them). They were made from  old wooden thread bobbins, which I happen to have a plethora of! Here is a picture of the ones on Etsy. I knew I had to make these. Of course it was months ago that this got added to my To Do list of crafts, But I finally got around to it! Yeah, one thing crossed off!

So I started with some old bobbins I got on Ebay, some already had thread on them.

I glued on their heads, which are just  small wood balls I got at Michaels. And I added pig tails to the girls, which agian are mini wooden balls from Michaels. For the naked ones I added thread by adding a drop of hot glue and wrapping them with thread I had already. I wanted to use  "approved" christmas colors ( trying something new this year, but have met strong resistance to only using Blue and Green for christmas) But I ended up using other colors to make my assistant happy.

Next we gave them faces using sharpies, I thought this would be ALOT easier then trying to paint on faces! BUT,  I did get yelled at by my assistant stating that the boys look too girlie, but I ask How do you make lips with out color?? I tried .....

Then we gave them hair..  This guy got a Mohawk!

This guy has lost a little hair on top!

Here are the Girlie Girls.

I do intend to put ribbon around their pig tails, but I havent gotten that far yet! I will update you if I do..

I think they turned out pretty well ?? I have favorites , but I dont tell them who they are! ( I love you all the same!)

Hope your holidays aren't driving you bonkers...


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