Thursday, April 7, 2011

All things Green

Well Friends , I am falling a bit behind... I have not finished my march craft project yet, and it is weighing heavily on me! My problem has been that I am trying to get my booty back into shape and my new work out regime is  getting in the way of my crafting. I am trying to work on a solution, like getting up an hour earlier , but I do so love me sleep and this has yet to happen! So that is where things are for me right now. I don't really like to talk about weight loss, diets, and exercise because I don't want to jinks myself, but  I have lost 15 lbs so far, so I guess the exercising instead of crafting has a little bit a good trade off. I still have a way to go until I am at my "goal weight", but lets just hope I can stay on this path.

So here is to all things that I am behind on.. I should have had this post done for St. Patties day but know the story!

I went to my favorite pickin place before St. Patties day and had green on the mind. Here are some of my quirky finds..

I guess this green dish is probably an ashtray, I just thought it was cute and bubbly and of course the color.. Also I got the stars on one of my adventure to Berkeley ( my favorite city) If you have not been to Ohmega Salvage you should totally go. Just saying super funess.

Green Books to go with the green theme.. Look and see the Practical Methods of Speech book was written by me..Just Kidding but same last name!!

I have no idea what these green glass globe things are. They have a lip like a glass bottle but with the rounded bottom they can stand?? Just thought they were quirky enough that I had to buy!

Added some of my Christmas people who have been hanging around and a couple of my shoe forms and a little this and that and here is what ya get..

Had to make some green pillows for the occasion.. Well this is about as springy as I can get. I don't do flower prints... This guy is actually made from a wool sweater I bought at old navy about 13 yrs ago.. I have been saving it for something good and I think I found it.

This guy is made from some fabric I bought soo long ago and scraps from the wool sweater. Ive seen this cross emblem around in different blogs and magazines.. I think it works..

Here they are all together. My store bought beauties and my homemade goodies..

I promise you will be seeing that March craft soon.

 I forgot to mention there is another factor that has been making it difficult to craft..


Swing Batter..

And Chaseroo.. Baseball season has come!!

Your truly who is working on catching up ~ Bianca


  1. Ok..I have tried posting this comment 3 Times..hope u get it. I love all your green things! My most favorite is the green cross pillow....its fabulous!!! Congrats on the weight loss....u go girl! Lookin great...but u always look great! :)

  2. Love all the green! (& REALLY love those kiddos in the red!)

  3. Those green globes might just disappear from your house the next time I know you are away ... AMAZING! Love the pillows and kiddos too! Our boys need a playdate and so do WE!!! Jules