Sunday, June 5, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I have a confession to make.. growing up I never considered my self an artsy person. That was my sisters roll, she was the one who you could always find coloring at family functions and I was always the one you would find hiding in a bedroom watching MTV..  Not to many art works on the wall growing up were mine. It wasn't until I was looking to change jobs, or should I say find a new job because I hated the one I was at, that I realized how much I loved art, creating art, and crafting.

I had been working at a microbiology laboratory , the craziest of crazy places for me to have had a job for so long. I have great respect for science and scientist, but this job was BORING. But hey It paid the bills, payed for me to move out of my moms house, buy my own car etc etc. .. I also had a boss with so many personalities that I lost count. I needed out! So I started taking classes at the JC. Interior Design was what I thought might be a good career change. After taking a Period and Contemporary Furniture class where the teacher made us draw the furniture I decided I needed to take a drawing class.And the rest is history as they say.. My art has definitely not led  to me paying the bills, in fact I know I spend way to much on supplies but it has led to new friendships and higher learning.

I guess that was a pretty long intro to what I was planning on showing in this blog, but I didn't want to be like here ya go take a look at me!! But here ya go take a look at this.. LOL

This is from my first semester in ceramics. I was inspired by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

These guys are from last fall. Still taking ceramics.. I am trying to work out a deal to get my own pottery wheel, but It hasn't happened yet! I have a newly acquired obsession with all things school related , such as paper airplanes, pencils, paper. ( more examples to come!)

This is from an old picture of my grandpa that I found.  His nickname for me was Bonkers, I never quite figured out why or how he started calling me that but I think it is so fitting for me today! I water colored this one. I have yet to try oil painting ,but of the couple mediums I have tried watercolor is my favorite.

this one is a linoleum block print. I carved the finger print out of a piece of linoleum and printed it  ( kind of like a stamp just a little more complicated)

Here is a tutorial from YouTube if you are interested

This one is really recent. I saw something similar in Pottery Barn and they wanted like $300 smackers.. Ahh yeah..NO thanks.. I painted the 3 canvases with chalk board paint and drew the bike on with a charcoal pencil. It is very whimsical I say.. right after I hung it my brother in law asked me why the pedals look like golf that is  all I can see when I look at it!

What inspired you to create?


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