Friday, July 8, 2011

Flash card decoupage desk

I bought this desk.....
well my husband bought it for me  under my guidance
 from target online for my birthday a few years back.

I use it for all my project needs painting, sewing, etc, etc... what you cant really see it all the paint and glue on it. Plus I am just bored of the plain black surface, and from previous blogs I kind of have a thing for flash cards. Can you guess what happened next!

Here is a little explanation of how

I had some spray adhesive laying around from another project,
and I bought a bunch of flash cards on eBay when I started my obsession. The word flash cards can be pretty pricey but for some reason the math ones are usually in my price range (  I think  people do not like math !?!? LOL )

I first layed out my cards to make sure they would fit and then took them off in that order and started spraying them down

I didn't want to use decoupage to glue them down because for me no matter how hard I try I always get bubbles, I thought this might help with that.. It did the trick

Then after the adhesive dried, I simply decoupaged over the flash cards. I still got bubbles, so I used my paint brush to flatten them out.

I would have like to have tried to epoxy the top, but that would have meant me going to the store and this was supplies on hand project! But I think I could still do that someday, just to give it a try?!?

After two coats and some drying time I put everything back on

Ok. just kidding!
This is what my desk would look like if I had endless space a perfect house and I sat around typing a romance novel

Here is the realness of my office..

Magazines I need to get to and projects in the works ...

everyone needs a bowl of sharpies ,
and a terrarium part deux ( i dont talk about what happened to the first one! It wasnt pretty!)

Now off to find what else I can flash card!!

~ Bianca

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  1. Bianca I LOVE this project! I have a ton of vintage bingo cards I could do this with! So much fun... and of course the math ones are cheaper... haha. Have a great day! jules