Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Repourposed with Duct tape

Hello.. Its been awhile. How are you?
So far it has been one crazy summer. ( isn't that a name of a movie?)

I have a fun little tutorial for you today. If you feel like following along

I took this pink polka dot photo album that I wasnt using

and turned it into this  purple ducted taped " legit" album ( according to my 11 yr old !)

My son is in love with the colorful duct tape. He HAD to have some when he saw it at home depot, so after chores were done to pay back the $4, he started duct taping everything. He made me some flowers , himself a wallet and together we pimped out this photo album.

We started by taking the album apart

Then we started taping

Nice and even rows

Once we got done with the front we flipped it over

folded over the excess tape

so it looks like this

and then taped across length wise and cut the tape closed to the edges and smoothed out until it looked like this

repeat for other side, then  feel around for the where the holes are for the screws to re assemble, and poke holes for the screws

we screwed our album back together

and here you are

See nice and easy!
Chase filled it with his photos of school friends he has been collecting and has been showing it to everyone who will sit and look.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer, and staying as cool as possible!

~ Bianca

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