Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I said it and I meant it!

 If you happen to follow me on pinterest I have a board called " I will start quilting" . I just need to put it out there that I have started...

Here are some of my blocks

This one is my favorite, didn't think  I would like the solids so much but I am for sure ( when I get done with this guy) going to do my next quilt all in solids.

This block pattern is called a wonky log cabin and I got the idear from this book here. I love the wonky sewing style. This is a pattern where you can use up scraps or burn through your stash. I like to sew but I also like to hoard fabric! I see it I like it I buy it! I never have a project in mind when I buy fabric, I know this is wrong sometimes because if you start a project and run out you are in trouble. It has happened to me and it is not nice! But so far it has worked. These blocks were made by using pieces from my scrap bin that I then added to from my stash cupboard to give my self a little more to play with.

I wish I knew more people who quilted so I could start a quilting bee/circle/club but this may be an adventure I go alone with the help of other wonderful bloggers who I follow.

Here are some other books I have or are in my shopping cart on amazon that I am itching to try.

In my cart but I looked through this at the fabric store and I NEED TO HAVE!

have this one and all patterns are square, no triangles, no hexies all sqaures and stright lines cant get any easier!

One of my favorite quilters I love her modern designs and just beautiful quilts!

This one jsut came out, I follow the author and love her blog.

I am hoping to get this done soon,the hubs just mentioned I owe him a blanket ( short version..started a crocheting a blanket while pregnant with first child who is now 12..not done yet...) So maybe for fathers day!?!?!?

~ Bianca


  1. If you started a quilting circle, I would come and give you sips of water from a straw and wipe the sweat off your brow. That's about all I'd be good for in a quilting circle. xoxo jules

    1. Love that Idea! I would be nice to just sit and chat with you!

  2. LOVE! Another project for my to do list!