Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer scarves part Deux

Well the hot has arrived! OK, so it hasn't been that bad, but it has been a lot warmer around here.

I had so many ideas for these summer upcycled t-shirt scarves that I thought it might be better to split the post into parts rather than overloading you all.

Above is one that I silk screened with a image of a young Bob Dylan.

I don't use the traditional form of silk screening, with the frame and the silk etc.
{pictured below}

Here is an example of the kind of screen I use.

 I found this..actually I saw  an alternative way being done on a craft show a few years back and loved it. The company I buy the screens from is called EZScreenprint.com
{They have a kit you can buy if you are interested. I spells out all the how to's you will need to make your own.}

I have tried the traditional way, and I find this way to take alot less time.

For this you will need
1. Premade screen
2. Fabric screen printing ink
3. Squeegee
4. fabric to screen print on
5. Iron

I took my premade screen and squeegeed the ink over it, being careful to not go over the edge.

Slowly take the screen off and Ta Dah.. I did four prints around the scarf. It is a really fast and easy as you can see, the hardest part is making sure the ink is on evenly. But some times if the ink isn't even it adds to the charm of the piece. Gives it that aged look we all love!

Wait until the ink dries and iron the image for about 2 minutes, Wash in cold water and line dry...

and this is what ya get

I think this may be going to my brother for his birthday at the end of the month..

Another idea I had was to use fabric paint  {I was feeling the cubism this day!}
I found my paint at Beverly's for about $1.99 pr. bottle

I used paint in purple, green, blue and pink. Once dry iron for 2 min , wash in cold, line dry and you are set.

OK, last but not least..How about bleach pens to draw on your scarf?? Ooo fancy!

I stretched the scarf over a wood board that I had and went to town drawing some swirls and dots.

I let the bleach sit until I saw that it was starting to do its job and then waited a little longer, and longer . In this case I let it sit a little to long and by the time I washed it out it ended up looking like this...

I tried again, and this time once any sign of turning white I rinsed it out

A little more detail!

Opps I forgot, I have one more to show..

This was already printed on the t-shirt so I just cut around it!

So which is your Favorite?? I would love to know, or see pictures of your summer beauties!

P.S  there is still time to enter you comment and check out my Guest post on Bles-id from last week for a chance to win on of the Tye Dyed scarves! Contest ends Thursday!!

Thanks for stopping by

~ Bianca

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  1. Those are ALL so amazing Bianca! I wish I had the talent you have in your little finger ... you can have the rest, that should be good enough for me. XOXO, I hope your summer camping trip was FUN! Let's get the kiddos (and us) together soon...jules