Monday, January 30, 2012

Antique Fair

 Makes my heart happy spending a Sunday afternoon wandering a antique fair. 
I live for searching, scavenging, rummaging, digging and finding my next obsession. 
A new to me vintage thing-a-ma-bob I did'nt know I needed, a 60's dress that I could wear every day, or a fantastical painting that makes me wish I had brought enough money to buy.

 even if I only have 5 bucks to spare , I like to go and take pictures. Its fun to let the vendors set up the juxtaposition.

If Pigs could Fly!

One of my scavenging buddies, Hope this doesn't lead to a life of hoarding!
If you have ever watched that show you will know what I mean, and if you haven't you should. It will lead to a whole new level of wanting to keep your house clean!

Here are some links to the Antique Fairs I frequent. They are on different Sundays so you can schedule more than one a month ! JOY!

Happy Hunting
~ Bianca

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  1. You were able to take some deeeeelightful pictures. Love each and every one of them! Enjoy your time away... xoxo jules