Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lily's Camping Themed Birthday

My lovely daughter Lily just turned 8. Her birthday parties have always challenged me because it is still winter in February. How do you plan birthday parties knowing that all the attendees are going to be stuck in your house for the ENTIRE time! The thought alone causes me stress and anxiety! At least during a summer or spring hey even fall parties you can send the kids outside if it gets to crazy, that's a no go for winters around here.

My Lily is a girly girl, but at the same time very out doorsy. I know she loves horses, but I have already been to a cowgirl themed party with pony rides. My final decision ( after clearing it with Lily) was to go with a camping theme this year. I also think I may have been influenced by the crazy amounts  of PIN's by friends on pinterest that had recipes for s'mores  related items. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, You name it there was a pin of it made into a s'more that week! So off to  PINTEREST to start my TO DO list. Here are some of my inspirations

Trail head signs.. I already wanted to do this, now I have a reason!

Love this table set up, HERE is the link for the fun blog that did this

Another fun party, HERE is the link

Invites!!! so cute, HERE is the link to the blog that had these, there wasn't a tutorial, but seems simple enough to figure out

personalized Canteens HERE is the link fro this fun party

Umm hello, S'MORE Cupcakes!!! HERE is the blog that made these yummies!

TO DO:   #1 Invites

Using my trusty Cricut and my newly purchased Cartridge ( images from cartridge below) I cut, and cut and glued and cut and glued...

Until I ended up with this

I used photoshop to design the inside of the invite. I first tried it on Microsoft word, but for some reason ( and of course its always my fault) it wasn't cooperating, so photoshop it was..

I am so obsessed with that brown paper bag card stock right now! I have been using it for everything.

TO DO:   #2 Food

I have a few trusty assistants who help me with these grand parties. Here is sassy Sarah who helped me bake.

and here are our yummies

S'more Cupcakes.. TO DIE FOR! The frosting is a marshmallow , cream cheese mixture with graham cracker crumbs..Oh so good.

Chocolate Chip Cookies with S'mores stuffed inside. Ya, that's right stuffed inside!

Here is a small picture of the rest of the fixing's, S'more trail mix, S'more fixing's for later, and hot Coco station.

TO DO: # 3 Decor

Trusty  Decor Assistant Wendy all worked out!

OK, I had a moment while planning this party where I had to reign in the crazy. I was dropping my kids at school one morning and passed by 2 Christmas tress on the curb. My mind went straight to "Oh  those would be cute for the party" ... what?? Really Bianca!! I told my assistant Wendy about said crazy thoughts and she went right into ," well I will get in my attic and pull out my Christmas tress for you!" Don't you just love the friends who get your kind of crazy, and can help you add to it!

Wendy's Christmas tree with some birdies to add to the outdoorsy ambiance.

one tent set up in the living room where furniture used to reside.. 

I made girl scout type patches  for the girls with my newly purchased cricut cartridge. Patches earned matched with he crafts we did.which were  painting bird houses, pine cone bird feeders , Friendship bracelets ( very popular) and Little S'more men ( kit at Joann's) . this how I attempted to keep this indoor party from heading into crazy town. KEEP THEM BUSY!
The goodie bags included a small book to put the patches in, a water bottle ($1 store), a flash light ( $ 1 store)  a compass ( Nasco clearance isle) and a T-shrit ( also $1 store) that I screen printed with
" Camp S'more" and a small tent.

Gathered up all of the kids teddy bears and placed them around the house... Dont feed the bears! Added some pine cones from christmas for decoration.

I have lived in this house for 10 years and never used my fireplace! Didnt want to start now so Wendy brought over this Faux stove for the fire effect.

   I made these in Microsoft word { it was cooperating this time!}  and hung them up around the house. Put one on my older son's door that gave us all a giggle.. Teenagers ...

Lily's room


Older sons room!

One baby sister Lucy trying to do crafts with the big girls.

One happy Birthday camper.

I think this party went pretty well. Having wonderful assistants really helped!
 {not pictured was one husband assistant who had to gather supplies from the garage}

As we all know kids grow up so fast, so why not enjoy the younger years when they are up for themed parties. Before you know it they are to " cool" for things like this.

Anyone have any good idea's for a 3yr olds birthday in July?!

~ Bianca

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  1. What an adventure. Both the planning and the party! You are blessed to have good friends and hubby to support you. AWESOME party... and Happy Birthday Lily!!!