Monday, March 5, 2012

Stencil Me in..

Scored this guy for x-mas , just another lovely to add to my collection of crafty books.

Here is one of the stencils from this beauty in action. I just used fabric paint that I bought at Beverly's ( i think it is abut 2-3$ a bottle) and the usual pouncing method for filling in stencils.( pounce- dabbing the paint on the fabric no swiping it..really technical stuff!)
Made some new pillow covers from some grey cotton fabric I purchased at Beverly's

and her we are after drying and ironing.

And here are my new pillows in there new home.

Oh, did I mention they had a TV stencil too..

and a Typewriter!! LOVE! Mixed in with my new Heart day pillows my couch is a happy place.

If you are curious on how I made the pillows HERE is a link to a past blog post on how to make pillows, or how I make pillows cause I would never say I that do anything the right way!

~ Bianca

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