Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Craft-o-lutions

Hello, my name is Bianca, and I am a hoarder.. Not the kind of hoarder you see on TV where the people save everything from used bandaids to cereal boxes from 20 years ago. NO, I am way to OCD for that. But I do hoard. Books, Magazines, Fabric, Yarn, Buttons, Scrapbook Paper these are my "precious" ( insert creepy Golem voice from Lord of the Rings) .

Lately I have been on a mission to dust off my books and try and use up the supplies I hoard so that I don't feel sooo guilty when I happen to roam past the fabric section at Beverly's ( its so hard not to!) . So this is my new years Craft-o-lution.

First I want to start with my books. I love crafting books. I try to be smart about which ones I buy, I see them at the craft stores and as hard as it is to wait, I will always go home and buy them on Amazon. I only buy books that have more than one project I would like to do...unless the one is a REALLY good one.

My plan of attack is to pick one project from each book each month of this year and actually do it. My to do list has always been long, and getting longer. SO I figured if I made some of my list public I would have to face the shame of not getting it done!

OK, So here is the list of books I have to work from.

* disclaimer*
books are not in any order I may start with # 12 or whatever floats my boat. But I will get through all these books or you can publicly shame me and sew a "L" on my clothes because I'm a Laay-whoo-whoo-Zer..!

1. Denyse Schmidt Quilts- do get fooled by the title, there are smaller projects to work on in this book! For me to start and finish a quilt would take all year!
2. Softies- Stuffed animals for the kids, like they need more, but they are so cute
3.Stencil 101- Just got this one, cant wait!
4. Amy Butler's In Stitches- Have a huge stash of her fabric so this one is going to be easy peasy..
5. Amy Butler's In stitches for little ones- need to get on this because my little one is getting to be not so little
6. Sew What Skirts- I love skirts so this will definitely be a spring or summertime project
7.Lotta Prints-more of a home decor type book, but who's house doesn't need more decorating?
8. Stupid Sock Creatures- we have been saving socks for days for this one!
9. Printing by hand- for my love of screen printing
10.Stitched in Time- this book is a wonderful collection of girly girl projects, She has a fun blog HERE if ya like
11.Bend the Rules Sewing- lots of fun-ness..also has great blog to follow HERE if you are interested
12.Remake Restyle Reuse- eco friendly crafting and decorating.

Honorable Mention..If I succeed and maybe get ahead of schedule..
1. HeartFelt- this will help use up my felted sweater supply
2. Happy Gloves- Got the gloves just need to make them happy..
3. Warm Fuzzies-another felted sweater book, yea gonna use those supplies up!!
4. Doodle Stitching- probably a Christmas time kinda book..

On top of this project in the works I think I need to mention some of my other wishes for this year, I fear if I don't then I wont be held accountable if I don't get to it. I've heard people say that they don't like to make resolutions because they are setting themselves up for failure. But for me I see it as a new beginning. A chance to wipe the slate clean and try again. If I don't get everything done... well at least I know I tried ..

1. Make my own noodles, I tried this once before and it was a huge failure.But I need to try again!
2. Make clothes for my self and Family. Two of the books above will help me accomplish this goal.But I see little dresses and shirt patterns all the time that I would love to try and make.( and I might have already bought a few.. I told you I'm a hoarder!) OHH you gotta see this men's shirt pattern I just found the other day.. HERE is the site. I would love to make this for Chase or Mike!

OK Well I thought I had more , so 2 extras isn't so bad. Of course I didn't mention the one resolution that I'm pretty sure everyone makes at the beginning of the year. That one is for a whole other blog... Now I have to go figure out what book I am going to start from first, and since we are already 1.5 weeks into the new year I am already behind!

Keep Ya Posted ~ Bianca

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