Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Pillows for Chase

 Well I bought this fabric well before Christmas  intending to make new pillows for Chase for Christmas..But this did not happen..

But I did get them done at some point there after.. Here is how I made them
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions..its seems easy enough to me so I might have skipped something important!!
  1. I layed the fabric out  and  cut  one piece roughly the size of the pillow plus 1/2 in all  the way around the pillow.
  2. Then I cut 2 more  pieces, 1 half the size of the pillow ( plus the 1/2 in all around)  and one 3/4 the size of the pillow ( plus the 1/2 in all around), so you should have 3 pieces
  3. To Hem the edges that will be see in the back of the pillow I folded the edges 1/2 in and pressed and did it one more time so you wouldn't see any rough edges...
 Here is a picture

4. Then I sewed up the hem

5. Then I pinned the front to the two back pieces which should be over lapping  in the middle so you have a place to insert the pillow. ( right sides together) I used my surger to sew together because I didn't want any frayed edges and hanging threads after washing ( and no I don't wash my fabric first, its to messy!)

And Voila .. here they are, It is really really simple so if you get confused It is probably cause i missed something.. Here is a tutorial on standard pillow cases if you were wondering..

Chase really liked them !


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