Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project January Complete

Yey , its done!! I completed the first of my New Year Craft-o-lution projects!!  I ended up picking the first book on the list Denyse Schmidt Quilts. Of course I picked and easy one to start out with so I wouldn't get all discombobulated ( and I didn't pick a quilt, but I am thinking about it!)

OK I have to tell you a bit of a funny story that goes along with this. This book has patten pieces in the back that you have to get enlarged from 250% -400% depending on the project.. So instead of trying to figure out how to do it at home on my printer scanner thing I was like " I'm gonna go to Kinko's and save myself a ton of time" Here is what happened

Kinko's worker:  hi how can I help you
Me: I have a book with some pattern pieces that I need to have enlarged..
Kinko's worker: Oh, we cant copy books due to copy write laws.
Me: Yes I know, but this book tells you to enlarge them, so I would think its OK to copy it??!!
Kinko's worker: Well we still cant do it.
Me: ( pointing to instructions in book that says to enlarge by 250%) but its says right here to copy and enlarge by 250%, why would it say that if you cant do it?
Kinko's worker: ( looks at front of book and points out page that says to not make copy of book)
Me: Yes, I get that ( trying to not be annoyed, but its is not working) BUT WHY would the author tell you to enlarge by 250% if you couldn't make a copy and enlarge it????
Kinko's worker: Well let me ask my manager..
Me: ( watching them as they skim through the pages getting increasingly annoyed, and not leaving with out my pattern)

2-5mins later
Kinko's worker: OK, but you are going to have to sign a waiver taking responsibility for coping the book.
Me: OK no problem ( back in line, when I got to the front the guy did not even care, did not ask for the waiver and proceeded making my pattern!)

So home I went to start my project, here is what I started with. A big ole' piece of paper that I had to cut out the pattern pieces from. And over here is the fabric I chose something old and something new.One is a upholstry weight fabric I used to sew a purse for a friend, and the othe is one of my newbies from the portland fabric store, just a cotton quilting fabric.

Here are the Pieces..OOOhh exciting...
Next of course I cut the fabric and sewed the pieces together as instructed. I left those pictures out due to copy write laws.. :-) I didn't want to get in trouble for showing you too much of how to do the gotta buy your own book!
Here are the pieces sewn together

Here he is, in the book she calls him Steve. But I like Oliver better, who knows what the Lily and Lucy will call him??!!
Up Close Shot! Isn't he cute?! Not too bad..

This Project took no time at all, so I used up some of my extra Lucy nap time by making this little thingy.
A zippered little catch all bag, I do really hate sewing zippers!

                                   Which so happened to go with this  bag I made awhile back

I really like this bag, I use it for my knitting projects. Made of Vinyl and super durable..
 OK so now I gotta pick project #2, but until then  Valentines projects to do and Lily's 7th birthday I have no idea of what to do!!?? ~ Bianca

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  1. Love them both...But Oliver is the cutest thing ever!! (Since you are overflowing with talent & energy, can I borrow a little?)