Friday, February 4, 2011

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

A  little story about the scariest cooking  adventure I have had ..ever... Awhile back a friend asked me to donate 6 months of baked goods ( one per month)  for a charity event she was doing. I agreed, so off  I went and  made my  list of old favorites and some new recipes that I had been wanting to try.

The winner of the auction picked  from my list Snickerdoodle Cupcakes {of course one of the newer recipes I had not yet tried } for her first baked item. Now there was no more wanting to try this out.. now its your gonna make this and it better taste good!

I found this recipe in the Martha Stewart Cupcake book or Here is the recipe on her website.Cupcakes  to me are the new Cake , like purple is the new black. So easy to make and decorate.


Are you a batter licker? I am the worst batter licker, sometimes I make things just so I can eat the batter. This was not the scary part if this adventure.. Its coming up.

Cupcakes cooling.. On to the frosting.. Here is where things get scary. Have you ever heard of 7 minute frosting?  I had heard of it, but never tried to make it. If you take a look at he recipe you might get and idea of what was so freaky , but let me spell it out for you. Raw eggs, and hot liquids ..if not combined at the right speed equals scrambled egg frosting..yuck.. Also you have to let the egg and hot syrupy mixture mix for 7 minutes and if you let it go to long poof.. flat and if you don't let it go long enough.. runny ..

Here is my kitchenaid mixin' away. I tried to follow the instructions, but it got to the point where I knew if i didn't stop it, my frosting was going to die.

All done! Here they are, all sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. My stress level dropped  100% when I finally frosted the last one. I handed them off to my friend and crossed my fingers that whoever was receiving these would like them. I of course had a try, but I was on such a sugar rush from all my batter licking I was worried about my taste buds being fried.

So , if you are going to try this one have a friend there for help and support. I think that would have made my experience a little less freaky!

Have a great weekend! ~ Bianca

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