Monday, February 28, 2011

Who doesnt need more pillows??

I am sneaking in my February craft project just before the month ends. Cutting in close as they say..

I decided to go with  Stencil 101 for my inspiration this month. I have been wanting to work on this one for awhile. I bought this book in October last year, so it is new to my collection! I took a class awhile back that taught me how to do linoleum prints which led to screen printing etc, etc.. They have a home decor stencil book too that I think I may have to get. I keep seeing hallways in magazines with crazy wall paper or stencils and I love it and want to add a little pizazz to my entry!

 SOOO who out there does not need more pillows?? I love pillows, I think if I add one more pillow to my bed the hubs might move out! Just a bit ago I made chase some new pillow cases( Here is the link to the past blog) and so I decided to make him another cause that is what he really needs!!??! This book is great, it comes with the already made stencil and a paper copy of it to use if you need to make more ( or screen prints)

I used a already made pillow case that I wasn't to worried about messing up for my first run at it..

Blue to go with chases room..

 A little green fabric paint dabbed on the stencil.. AND Voila..

After the paint dries you have to iron it to set it

And here is the finished product, I had a little paint boo boos but aye its all good!

Here is what I was thinking to take this to the next level... I have these doors in my house that I hate! They are an orangy woody color from the 60's and in some places the former owners kids carved names or left behind stickers that we haven't been able to get off. My idea is to stencil the head phones in a repetitive pattern on chases door? I am kinda really liking this idea, but I might chicken out, give me a minute to think about it and I will let you know, maybe there is a surprise in store!!

Till next time ~~ Bianca

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